Mental Health
Mental health is currently the field of activism work that I am most devoted to.  I have volunteered and participated in Active Mind's every Suicide Awareness Month campaign since 2016, and my work for the campaigns has been featured on Active Mind's website, blog, and social media in 2017, 2018, and 2019.  I have also taken on the role of Project LETS at Penn's Storytelling Coordinator, in which I am in charge of collecting, designing/creating, curating, and distributing content and narratives of people with lived mental illness experiences.  I am also a certified Peer Mental Health Advocate/Advisor for Project LETS and a contributor on The Mighty (a digital publication on mental health).  Many of my poems, creative writing, art, and photography works have touched upon topics in mental health, too.

A conceptual portraiture project about mental health for Project LETS at Penn, designed and photographed by me and Grace Ringlein, the Marketing Coordinator.

My activist work in the LGBTQ+ field mainly focuses on advocating for gay rights in Taiwan.
I began my activist work in this field in the summer of 2014, when I attended Phillips Exeter Academy's summer school and joined their Gay-Straight Alliance chapter.  Since then, I have been speaking on LGBTQ+ issues both on- and off-line, including publishing articles, advocating for rights, attending Pride events, etc.  In 2017, I started a tradition of wearing a rainbow bracelet every day during Pride Month to celebrate and publicly support the community; many of my friends and colleagues have joined me in doing similar acts since then.  Since 2018, I have taken initiative in organizing QPenn, the University of Pennsylvania's week-long LGBTQ+ celebration, and has been selected to undertake the role of QPenn's Marketing & Storytelling Director in 2019.
Gender: Topics in Masculinity
In regards to gender-related topics, I have attended the Men & Masculinity Summit since its inauguration in 2018.  Since high school, I have been conducting research and writing scholarly articles on the topics related masculinity, including but not limited in: stoicism, machismo, male body image standards.  Besides raising awareness, most of my efforts are in researching what issues and effects are tied to these topics, and contextualizing these topics both in specific cultures and across culture.

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