University of Pennsylvania -- Bachelor of Arts candidate in Communications, Fine Arts & Creative Writing.  College of Arts & Sciences/Annenberg School of Communication, Class of 2021.
Notable coursework: 
    -COMM468 Annenberg Media Lab 2020: It's Not Just TV - The HBO Project
     -COMM318 Stories from Data
    -COMM313 Computational Text Analysis
    -COMM307 Communication, Sports, and Social Justice
    -COMM245 Teens & Screens: Understanding Youth Media Behavior
    -FNAR377/DSGN377 Information Design & Visualization
    -FNAR340 Digital Photography
    -FNAR264/DSGN264 Art, Design, & Digital Culture
    -FNAR254 Printmaking Publication
    -ENGL135 Creative Non-Fiction: Non-Fiction Now! Essay, Blog, Tweet
    -ENGL128 Magazine Journalism
Personal Education Training
Summits, Symposiums, & Conferences:
-The 2nd Annual Men & Masculinities Summit (03/2019; Philadelphia, PA)
-The Sixth Annual Penn Law Sports Symposium (02/2019; Philadelphia, PA)
-Athletes & Abuse Symposium (02/2018; Philadelphia, PA)
-The Fifth Annual Penn Law Sports Symposium (02/2018; Philadelphia, PA)
-Men & Masculinities Summit (02/2018; Philadelphia, PA)
Other Coursework:
-Online Marketing & Advertising Workshop (06/2019; Great Idea Co., Taiwan.)
-Penn Appetit Career Trek (04/2019; New York, NY, U.S.)
-Shaping, Sharing, & Creating Knowledge on Social Media Seminar (07/2016; Northwestern University, U.S.)
-Riverdance Trinity College International Summer School (07/2015-08/2015; University of Dublin, Ireland)
-Creative Writing Workshop (07/2015; Columbia University, U.S.)
-Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School: Sports Science, Radio DJ & Storytelling Workshop, Introduction to Psychology (06/2014-08/2014)

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