Working Experience
Spirits Division Digital Marketing Intern @ Long Life Trading Co. Ltd. 嘉馥貿易有限公司酒類事業部. 06/2020-present. Taipei, Taiwan.
Executive Director @ Penn Closet. 02/2020-present. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Development Committee Member @ Benny's Diner, Penn Student Agencies. 11/2019-present. Philadelphia, PA, USA
New Student Orientation iPHINS Coordinator @ University of Pennsylvania NSOAI Office. 04/2019-present. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Contributor @ Thought Catalog. 10/2018-present. Brooklyn, NY, USA
Global Ambassador @ Penn Admissions Office. 12/2018-present. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Director of Marketing @ Penn Closet. 08/2019-02/2020. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Marketing Intern 行銷實習生 @ Edrington. 06/2019-07/2019. Taipei, Taiwan
Products Manager @ Penn Closet. 08/2018-07/2019. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Store Associate & Media Caption @ Penn Closet. 03/2018-07/2018 Philadelphia, PA, USA
New Student Orientation iPHINS (international Peers Helping Incoming New Students) @ University of Pennsylvania NSOAI Office. 04/2018-08/2018. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Auditing Intern 審計實習生 @ PwC Taiwan 資誠會計事務所. 07/2018-07/2018. Taipei, Taiwan
Marketing Intern 行銷實習生 @ Flight International Marketing Co. 展逸國際行銷有限公司. 06/2018-07/2018. Taipei, Taiwan
Seasonal Sales & Marketing Assistant @ Long Life Trading Co. Ltd. 嘉馥貿易有限公司酒類事業部. 05/2018-05/2018. Taipei, Taiwan.
Seasonal Sales Assistant @ Long Life Trading Co. Ltd. 嘉馥貿易有限公司酒類事業部. 06/2017-08/2017. Taipei, Taiwan
Leadership/Extracurriculars Experience
Co-President @ Project LETS at Penn. 01/2020-present. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Photo Director @ Penn Appétit Magazine. 01/2020-present. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Program Director @ WQHS Radio. 12/2019. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Beauty Stylist @ The WALK Magazine. 01/2018-present. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Radio Show Host @ WQHS Radio. 09/2017-present. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Photographer @ Penn Appétit Magazine. 01/2019-12/2019. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Storytelling Coordinator @ Project LETS at Penn. 08/2017-present. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Co-Founder, Interviewer, Web Master, Editor @ Taiwan Youth Forum 台灣青年論壇. 04/2015-08/2017. Taipei, Taiwan
Founder, Editor-In-Chief, Writer, Copy-Editor, Designer @ Fuhsing Spectator. 09/2015-06/2017. Taipei, Taiwan
Freelance Experience
Panel Moderator @ Life at Penn Panel for International Students, 2019 New Student Orientation. 08/20/2019. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Concert Host 主持人 @ The 2019 Fuhsing Wind Ensemble Annual Concert | 管樂復興-復興管樂團年度公演. 05/24/2019. Taipei, Taiwan
Event Photographer 活動攝影師 @ Dark Star Launch & Press Conference | Dark Star新品發表會. 05/2019. Taipei, Taiwan.
Concert Host 主持人 @ The 2017 Fuhsing Wind Ensemble Annual Concert | 樂音飛揚-復興管樂團年度公演. 05/28/2017. Taipei, Taiwan
Mentoring Experience
Fall'19 Exchange Peer Mentor @ University of Pennsylvania. 08/2019-present.
2019-2020 International Peer Mentor @ University of Pennsylvania. 05/2019-present.
PMHA (Peer Mental Health Advocate) Adviser @ Project LETS at Penn. 03/2018-present.
Spring'19 Exchange Peer Mentor @ University of Pennsylvania. 12/2018-05/2019.
2018-2019 International Peer Mentor @ University of Pennsylvania. 06/2018-05/2019.
Volunteering Experience
Dog Care Volunteer @ Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. 09/2018-present.
Hospitality & Luggage Room Volunteer @ 2019 Quaker Days, University of Pennsylvania NSOAI Office. 03/2019.
VIP Reception & Hospitality Volunteer @ 2018 Penn Relays, Penn Athletics. 04/2018.
Hospitality & Luggage Room Volunteer @ 2018 Quaker Days, University of Pennsylvania NSOAI Office. 03/2018.

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