Art & Design
-Adobe Creative Cloud: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Bridge, Camera Raw, Portfolio, Lightroom, Behance, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, Spark
-Digital & analog photography: street photography, product photography, event photography, fine art photography, editorial photography, portraiture
-Layout design: Adobe InDesign, Bookwright
-Printmaking: risograph, screenprinting, letterpress, linocut
-Makeup artistry: editorial styling, bridal & event makeup.
-Poetry & creative non-fiction
-Copy-editing (for creative writing, personal & application essays, cover letters, journalistic articles)
-Traditional & magazine journalism
-Blogging & social media content creation
-Brand- and product-focused articles (i.e. product reveal, event articles, speaker/VIP/influencer invitations, speeches for executives)
CRM & Social Media Management
-Facebook Page, Facebook Creator Studio & Facebook Pages Manager (currently managing 10 Facebook Pages)
-Instagram Business & Instagram Creator accounts (currently managing 9 Instagram accounts, ranging across normal, Business, and Creator accounts)
-LinkedIn Business accounts
-Scheduling applications: Later, Facebook Creator Studio, Zoho Social, Mailchimp
-Newsletters & automated emailing lists: MailChimp, Zoho Social, Google Groups
-Working across multiple platforms, tools, and applications to most efficiently create high-quality visualizations and posts
Intra- & Interpersonal Skills
-Semi-structured interviews, on-camera interviews, audio-based interviews
-Radio & podcast host
-Customer relation management (CRM) & newsletter management
-Panel moderation
-Peer mentorship
-Event, concert & recital host
-Customer service (clerical experience from working in storefronts)
Software & Applications
-Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive
-Data-mining & data visualization: Python (Jupyter), Tableau, DataWrapper, Mapbox, Carto, STATA
-Website design: Adobe Portfolio, Wix, Weebly, Wordpress
-Google Suite: Doc, Form, Slides, Gmail, Sheet, Keep, Drive, Analytics, Alerts, Groups
-Project & event management: Trello, Slack, Notable, Evernote
-Survey design: Qualtrics, Google Form, SurveyMonkey
-Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese

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