Since October 2018, I have been writing for Thought Catalog as a Contributor.  
The pieces I publish on Thought Catalog are more blog-like; some still preserves the poetic element that many readers have come to associate with my writing, while others are more straightforward. 
My pieces on the platform have accumulated over 25,000 views, and have been shared over 9,000 times (Thought Catalog & Facebook combined).
Below are some of my work that have been published on the platform.
Shares: ~700 on Thought Catalog.
Shares: 2.4k on Thought Catalog
Shares: 5.7k on Thought Catalog, 500+ on Facebook.
This is the story version of "Stuck in a First Love", which was published on 34th Street in the February of 2018.  "Stuck in a First Love" is a prose poem, while this piece is a creative non-fiction.
​​​​​​​Read the piece here

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